Why SEO is Integral to Web Design

Websites have changed a lot over the years, but if you will notice all web design services still provide SEO (search engine optimization).and there’s a good reason for it, since it remains a good marketing strategy and a reliable way to get Google ranking boost. If you’re still not sure f it’s worth price, you just need to consider these facts.

More Traffic

No matter how good your website is, people won’t find it unless it is fully optimized for search engines. If your design incorporates SEO, it will have all the necessary meta descriptions, title tags and keywords relevant to the product or service on your site. Once your site has been optimized, all tags and descriptions will get an increased click through rate, which in turn increases traffic and ranking.

SEO and Web design

Track Your ROI

Another benefit of SEO is you can track the ROI regardless whether your site is e-commerce or not. Unlike other marketing programs, the efficiency of your SEO can be determined by monitoring conversions, traffic and ranking. In addition, the best web design in Kitchener will provide you with detailed analytics that will let you study at deep levels and view demographic information and other useful metrics. In short, you’ll be able to assess the ways people interact with your website.

If you’re running an e-commerce site, SEO gives you the opportunity to see the paths that your site visitors take to order an item. With this feature, you’ll see what parts of your website works and what doesn’t, and you can tell what keywords they use, which needless to say, is very useful.

Cost Effective

SEO is popular with a lot of web designers for two reasons. One, it has proven effective, and two, it is cost effective. Unlike other marketing methods, SEO focuses on people who are actually searching for the products and services that you are offering, and by crunching the numbers you’ll see that it is cheaper than outbound tactics. Though cold calling isn’t that bad, the cost of lead generation is 61% more expensive than SEO.

There’s another factor to be considered, and it’s that the traffic generated by SEO is more qualified and practical. In addition, SEO makes your website more user friendly, which naturally entices more users. But the benefits don’t end there since SEO web design also makes it easier for search engines like Google and Bing to find it. Without search engine optimization, people will have a hard time finding your site.


Website Design Pointers and Tips

If you look at a website that was created by a quality web design company, you’ll see that a lot of thought went into the design. While different concepts are used, some principles are always followed by designers, and as the following information will show, several things have to be considered if you want to have a professional looking website.

Visualize the Site

Even if you hire the best web design Kitchener service, it will mean nothing unless you have a plan. You need to provide the designer with an outline and a list of features that you want the site to have. In other words, you need to give the web designer something to work with.

Graphics and Background

Pictures speak louder than words, they say, and it’s true. However, make sure that the images on your website are saying something meaningful and connected to the product or service you are promoting. If they’re not, you should remove them since it defeats the purpose of these graphics, which is to emphasize a point and communicate a message to your audience. Just as important as the graphics is the background, because choosing the wrong color or pattern will create a distraction. The color should be light and easy on the eyes, and unless there’s a good reason for it, shouldn’t be “busy”.

Use Text Wisely

The text should contrast with the background so it’s easier to read, and don’t use blue as the primary color since visitors might confuse it for links. Second, don’t put too much text on your site, but if you have to, break them down into small paragraphs with headings. Research has shown that most web users scan pages and jump all over the page, trying to find something that interests them. You can help them and your site by including meaningful headers and an opening paragraph that gets to the point quickly. Finally, you shouldn’t center all the text as that is hard to read.

Video and Audio Files

If you’re going to use video or audio, give site visitors the option to play or not play the file, and make sure the playback controls are visible. In addition, you should be careful about how many videos, audio files and graphics you use. While they can certainly make your site more appealing, it might take too long to load. Again, these should only be used if necessary, otherwise there’s no point in including them.

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